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Carnival sweets in Milan

Carnival in Milan for business? A great opportunity to taste some desserts typical of this festival, which in the Lombard capital ends with the parade in Piazza Duomo of masked floats.

In this period, in the best pastry shops and bars in the city, chatter goes crazy, strips of crunchy sweetened pastry on the surface, spread throughout Italy with other names, but here rigorously baked in the oven, and prepared with flour, eggs, sugar and butter. The same ingredients are used to make the Milanese tortelli, hollow sweets similar to cream puffs, to be filled with cream or chocolate. Delights to combine with a sweet sparkling wine or a prosecco.

More caloric but just as typical of Carnival is the cake rich in dried fruit, traditional from the Lodi area, but often served in the clubs of Milan. Among the carnival sweets it is one of the most energetic. And its character is enhanced when enjoyed with a glass of mulled wine.

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