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An eco-friendly machine for home, bars, hotels

SMALL, beautiful and of quality. 100% 'Made in Italy'. It is the La Piccola coffee machine, one of the most delicious products presented at Host, the professional hospitality fair, in Milan from 12 to 22 October 2013.

La Piccola, from the Italian company of the same name specializing in the production of coffee machines, best expresses the dream of those who love Italian coffee: the ideal tool for the easy preparation of an excellent espresso. It is characterized by its small size (25x15x22) and low weight (5 kg): ideal for transporting it on trips, by boat or in a camper - and to this end La Piccola offers a hard case - but above all for domestic use, or in hotel rooms, and serving bars and 'bistros'.

The Piccola ensures a result comparable to that of the coffee dispensed by professional solutions, and is fed with pods. The company boasts a consumption of just 500 watts for all its models, in line with its commitment to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, which in fact are based on the exclusive use of energy from renewable sources and on the creation of durable goods.

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