Apo Conerpo Grows Thanks to Exports

Data for 2012 released by the Italian fruit and vegetable producers’ association Apo Conerpo confirm the contraction in production volumes compared to 2011’s exceptional results, but also growth in business volume for the sector boosted by trade policies aimed at increasing sales abroad. The economic performance of the group showed a 1% increase compared to the previous year and +4% on 2010. These results were obtained despite the 19% drop in product provisions. “But 2011 was characterised,” stated Apo Conerpo chairman Davide Vernocchi to Distribuzione Moderna, “by a decisively above average offer.” The parent company that controls the subsidiaries Alegra, Naturitalia and Valfrutta Fresco has recently invested in exports and the results have come thanks to 8.1% more fresh fruit and vegetable products being sold in other countries, for a total value of some 112 million euros.