Algida Facility Upgrade

algida unilever

The Unilever Group is set to launch investments in Italy again under the aegis of sustainable growth, a trait that is now evident in the company’s global strategy. In terms of innovation, the Algida ice cream production facility in Caivano, Campania, is set to undergo refurbishment costing 35mln euros according to Distribuzione Moderna.

The initiative is part of the vast Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, which started in 2012 in order to “develop economic models that promote responsible and balanced growth, separating them from impact on the environment”, affirmed CEO Paul Polman.

Unilever the multinational, which owns brands like Algida, Lipton, Findus and Knorr, has been focused on social and environmental sustainability for the last three years. Strategies have included reducing packaging, exploiting rail transport at the expense of lorries, and bringing their factories to the forefront of innovation. So far, it has paid off with 35 billion in worldwide profits for the 2009-2010 financial year increasing to 51 billion presently. The group plans to double profits again by 2020.