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Best Italian natural mineral water

La best mineral water natural is that which satisfies individual tastes and needs. For those who practice sports, for example, it is useful that it is rich in precious mineral salts to replenish the electrolytes lost with sweating. Calcium and magnesium promote psychophysical recovery, while bicarbonate facilitates the elimination of lactic acid. Hypertension has a completely different need. In this case, the best choice is a diuretic and low mineralized product, which helps to eliminate excess sodium and helps to moderate the pressure.

An indication of the best, or at least preferable, Natural mineral water in the various stages of growth of healthy individuals suggests the consumption of a mineral medium. More calcium and magnesium for the child, and even more bicarbonate for the adolescent. The markedly calcium types are instead recommended as the best option for pregnant and lactating women, and adults over 50 to prevent osteoporosis.

In addition to producing the best composition for different needs, the substances dissolved in the liquid determine its pH. If the value is equal to 7 it is neutral mineral water; if higher it is alkaline (good for neutralizing stomach acid), if lower it is acidulous (and digestive).

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