Mineral water producers

Italian natural mineral water producers

Lucky ones producers of mineral water natural have an easy game in representing one of the Made in Italy sectors of excellence. The beautiful Peninsula is indeed generously gifted of springs from which waters of great value flow, also thanks to a variety that allows you to taste natural water with many nuances of taste and mineral composition. However, the producers are praised for the care with which they preserve the quality of the heritage they manage.

The public health controls, conducted along the entire supply chain, from the source to the point of sale, are completed by the producers through a self-control system (HACCP) for the protection of food safety that checks the compliance of each phase of the process. A job that produces hundreds of thousands of analyzes a year.

Credit to be given to producers of natural mineral water is also the search for solutions the packaging with reduced environmental impact. Next to to glass, the best container which pays for the disadvantage of being heavy, PET bottles (polyethylene etherphthalate), very handy and light material, completely recyclable. In the meantime, some manufacturers have taken the path of materials obtained with a percentage of recycled PET.


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