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Wiise Srl benefit company, impact report 2020

Wiise (Workable Ideas and Initiatives for a Sustainable Economy) Srl - the company benefits who manages the sites website GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade) and do (Food and Agriculture Requirements), in addition to being active in the fields of scientific research and consultancy at an international level - presented its social impact report, together with the 2020 budget.

WIISE Srl, benefit balance 2020. Introduction

The 17 Goals of Stangle Suntenable (Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals. See note 1) in the UN Agenda 2030 revealed their great relevance on the occasion of the pandemic declared by the WHO on 11.3.20. And once again, the crucial role of the food supply chain in contributing to their achievement has emerged. In 2020, as already in 2019 (see note 2) e still, WIISE Srl has dedicated extensive resources to researching, sharing and promoting needs and possible solutions for reducedrrand the impact of supply chains onenvironment and equitably redistribute the value of products in the supply chain.

In the first months of uncertainty that characterized the advent of the pandemic from COVID-19,the team of Wiise has concentrated its activities in daily sharing of scientific studies e addresses of the institutions useful, with the aim of offer objective notions on ongoing phenomena. Also through the drafting of three ebook, ‘Covid-19, the ABC', published in Italian and English by Égalité Onlus (3,4).

WIISE ha also dedicated great effort to contribute to two pan-European research projects, ProFuture e Camelmilk, under the Horizon 2020 program. Both i projects aim to contribute to the development of sustainable agri-food chains, in the aquaculture (microalgae) and animal husbandry (camelid milk and derivatives) sectors. With specific objectives of increasing the food security (safety of food supply), improve nutrition e the living conditions of the populations.

Wiise Srl, independent information

Beyond 450 Articles were published in 2020 on the sites website of informAindependent ation managed by Wiise Srl, strictly free of banner e pop-up advertising. GIFT (www.greatitalianfoodtrade.it), DO (www.foodagriculturerequirements.com) and Égalité (www.egalite.org). Between the varthe articles, some important examples are reported with respect to the Wiise benefit objectives:

- Sustainable Development. 'Special - EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, the plan announced in Brussels', ‘Special Farm to Fork, the strategy presented in Brussels on 20.5.20, 'Mac Bun slow fast food, the success of sustainable catering in Italy', ‘Sustainability and Made in Italy, Imagine Observatory on Consumption ', 'retailer brand and sustainable development, words and deeds', ‘Climate and energy, EU 2021-2030 strategy. Public consultation''Deposit with deposit on bottles and cans, the Lithuanian example, 23.02.2020’, ' Biodiversity, European Parliament resolution in view of COP15, 13.02.2020 ′, 'Post-2020 CAP, the agroecological transition at stake‘, 'Poultry and eggs, growing global demand. The challenge of sustainability ', 'Digital solidarity, FAO available to all ', 'Industrial agriculture, the 10 critical points to be addressed. UNEP report','Agroecology, SDGs, salvation. The FAO Decalogue''PAC post 2020, smoky gray. We need an organic revolution ',

- Food, nutrition and health supply chain. 'Climate and antibiotic resistance. Will lab meat save us?’, ' Campylobacter, beware of undercooked poultry and pork ', ‘Chemical toxicity of materials in contact with food, researchers' appeal, ‘Good intentions. Living without palm oil, instructions for use‘, ' Palm oil in foods, where it is found and how to avoid it',' Pesticides in the pulp of bananas, bio always free. The K-Tipp test‘, 'Genetic modifications and aging, ultra-processed foods vs Mediterranean diet, ‘ The organic diet frees the body from glyphosate in a few days. Scientific study',' Palm oil, that's where it's at. In France a software to avoid it, ' Dicamba, first conviction to Bayer and BASF for the killer herbicide‘,

- food and Covid-19. 'Covid-19 and food security risks. FA recommendationsOR', PAC, the European Parliament asks for more resources from the agri-food sector to deal with Covid-19 ′,' COVID-19. Green light to the sale of seeds and seedlings. But that's not enough ', 'COVID-19. Home shopping from farmers and traditional distribution ', 'Suspension of farmers' markets due to coronavirus? The lawyer Dario Dongo 'answers, ‘ Km0 fruit and vegetables blocked due to Covid-19, the farmers' appeal, 'Covid-19, food safety and worker health. FAO and WHO guidelines, the ABC ', ' Coronavirus, stress test for online shopping delivery services', 'Covid-19, the European Commission announces support measures for agriculture and the food supply chain ', 'The new eating habits in the Covid-19 era. EIT Food survey in 10 EU countries', 'Coronavirus, Efsa excludes transmission via food '

- petitions. 'Covid-19, it is urgent to regularize foreign workers. Petitione', ' Knorr palm oil and palm nut risotto. Buycott!, ' Stop imports that cause deforestation. The Greenpeace petition,' 'Natural' claim on the label. Petition against deceptions',' Deceptive food packaging. Foodwatch's petition ', ‘ New GMOs at the service of agrotoxicants. Evidence of 9 in Monsanto's new GE corn. Petition',

- Scientific studies: 'Zoonoses in Europe, report by EFSA and ECDC', ‘Soybean oil can promote neurological diseases. Scientific study ', ‘Ancient grains vs modern grains and health, scientific review '', ‘the value of legumes to feed the planet, FAO report ', ‘glyphosate and GMO soy, the big scam. Scientific study''Plastic and greenhouse gas emissions, an emergency to be prevented. Scientific study ', 'Glyphosate, endocrine disruption and tumors. New evidence', ‘Animal husbandry, FAO proposes 5 intervention areas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ‘Lose weight in menopause with the Mediterranean diet. Scientific study’,'Vegetarians and vegans more exposed to harmful ultra-processed foods. Scientific study ', ‘Coca-Cola, obesity and the right to water. Scientific study ', ‘Evian, pure water with pesticide residues. Scientific study''Dicamba, leukemia and tumors. Scientific study''Vegetable drinks, 330 products compared with milk. Scientific study',' Nutriscore and health choices, scientific study', 'Intensive sweeteners, microbiome and health risks. Scientific study''Plastic and greenhouse gas emissions, an emergency to be prevented. Scientific study''Pasta, bread and flours, the processing makes the difference. Scientific study ', ‘Soybean oil can promote neurological diseases. Scientific study'.

- rules to oversee food safety and consumer information. 'Alternative information tools to labels, what perspectives? ', ‘ Establishment headquarters, milk origin and expiry decree, GIFT denounces the Commission to the European mediator ', ‘Primary ingredient origin, reg. EU 2018/775, European Commission guidelines''Antibiotic resistance, veterinary medicines and animal welfare. The ABC of the new rules' , 'Crimes in the agri-food sector, draft law 20.2.20 ′, ‘Hemp in food, THC thresholds. Ministry of Health Decree 4.11.19 ′, 'General health information, clarifications from the Court of Justice ', 'V Range, storage temperature on the label? The lawyer Dario Dongo 'answers, 'Mexico, off the nutritional warnings on the labeling frontto', 'Antitrust, Made in Italy pasta and the origin of wheat, notes on scourges, 11.02.2020 ′, 'How to solve the nutritional conundrum? News on the label front, review and perspectives'

- Fundamental human rights, crimes and other irregularities. 'Coca-Cola - Intermarché, blackmail. Abuse of a dominant position?''Female slavery in the fields of Ragusa. After The Guardian's investigation, the first convictions', ‘ Cameroon. Palm oil, land robbery and deforestation. #Buycott! ', 'Rabbit breeding, EFSA opinion and sector crisis '', ‘ParmeSans, another KO to cheese-soundingMilk sounding ', 'Palm oil biodiesel. Antitrust condemns ENI '.

Égalité Onlus

Égalité Onlus - association established on 6.3.19 by employees, collaborators and friends of WIISE Srl, together with the writer - was established on 6.3.19 to contribute to the common good, also through concrete initiatives aimed in particular at the weakest segments of the population, with the support of people and companies sensitive to these issues. Wiise Srl sb in turn, in the course in 2020 offered concrete economic and professional support to Égalité Onlus on various fronts:

- donationi, also in favor of partner non-profit Italian Committee for Parkinson's Associations, and financing of various initiatives,

- practical and operational support in the development of actions aimed at guaranteeing the exercise of essential services in a period of pandemic to the most vulnerable, above all the elderly and disabled. Through the launch of petitions (see 'Égalité- Disabled, immunocompromised, elderly. Free delivery and with shopping priority. Petition') and reports to the Antitrust Authority (AGCM) of unfair commercial practices towards consumers,

- dissemination of initiatives and projects of Égalité Onlus, drafting and publication of articles. See, by way of example, the articles that follow. SOS Ambiente, a book not to be missed‘,'Covid-19 and pollution. Our study in Bergamo, Brescia and Milan‘, 'Iair pollution and the spread of Covid-19, scientific studies','Disposable masks and gloves, an appeal against environmental catastrophe‘,'Biodiversity and climate emergency, the common thread‘,'Coronavirus, UN humanitarian appeal ','1,5 billion students without schools','Social justice, world day of shame ', 'A Constitution for the Earth', ‘2 out of 3 schools inaccessible to pupils with disabilities. ISTAT report‘, 'Universal health coverage, UN declaration', 'Unicef, Humanitarian Action for Children 2020', ‘Architectural Barrier Elimination Plan (PEBA), 34 years late in Rome. Reportage ', '' Free delivery of shopping to the disabled. The request of Égalité ', 'Wheelchairs, Égalité and Legambiente ask for recognition of equivalence to electric bikes', 'If this is a state. Severe disabilities and family caregivers', ‘Network for the Earth - Altragricoltura, the food of rights','#ItaliaNoOgm. No to GMOs in Italy, warn Parliament and government',' Covid-19, disability and disease. The measures foreseen until 3.12.20','Agrotoxics and tumors, the largest dicamba study','Climate change, risk analysis in Italy','Disposable masks and gloves, appeal against environmental catastrophe',

- three months of work full-time, for realizesre and publish the trilogy 'Covid-19,ABC ' (3,4)

- provision of free legal and administrative assistance services in favor of people with disabilities for this purpose rivoltesi a Equality Onlus,

- fundraising and collection of donations to carry out the project of the Smart Chair by Égalité.

Égalité, il pproject 'Smart Chair'

The Smart Chair is an innovative wheelchair with a front wheel equipped with an electric motor that attaches and releases with one hand. A tool of autonomy and sustainable micro-mobility for people with motor disabilities, over 100 thousand in Italy alone. Non-profit industrial production will make it possible to distribute these advanced wheelchairs in Italy and other countries, starting with Senegal, at prices consistent with production costs.

The intense work of WIISE srl sb for project supportne of the Smart Chair has conducted, between the'otherso, to the victory of #MakeToCare international competition as part of the European edition of Maker Faire 2020 (# MRF2020).

Benefit Impact Assessment (BIA)

The evaluation impact Commitment generated by Wiise Srl sb - performed using the Benefit Impact Assessment (BIA) - ha attributed tolla same overall score 117,8. In addition to the criteria considered by this system, WIISE's support for training,that expresses itself also through:

- financing, ongoing, di un doctorateo of Agri-System research, at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Piacenza),

- the reception of three internships, in 2020, as part of the University Master Lawyer and food safety consultant, Law and Food Safety (ALMA MATER STUDIORUM University of Bologna).


Over the course of 2021, WIISE S.r.l. benefit company he went on and carries on his own tireless information activitiesAtion independent and free on different issues related toa spinnera food, socio-environmental sustainability, nutrition and health.

In the editorial field, Wiise Srl also contributed to the drafting of a ebook of Legambiente dedicated to one of the Prime causes of deforestation e loss of biodiversity, the industrial production of oil palm. (5)

Wiise is still committed to contributing to the project area of Smart Chair by Égalité Onlusalso through participation in research calls aimed at supporting the finalization of the design phase and the start of industrial production.

Dario Dongo,
WIISE srl benefit company
, thesole director
Onlus, president


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(5) Andrea Poggio, Legambiente (2021). Choose the right oil. How to remove palm oil from the tank, and more. Editions La Biblioteca del Cigno. ISBN 9788894538908. https://store.lanuovaecologia.it/prodotto/scegli-olio-giusto/

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Dario Dongo, lawyer and journalist, PhD in international food law, founder of WIISE (FARE - GIFT - Food Times) and Égalité.


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