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Great Italian Food Trade, an independent information portal on food and surroundings and a crossroads for the promotion of agri-food chains Made in Italy sustainable, is a trademark of Wiise Srl benefit company.

Wiise srl benefit company

Wiise Srl benefit company (Workable Ideas and Initiatives for a Sustainable Economy) was founded in 2012 by Dario Dongo. (1) The company operates in the following sectors:

- advice strategic and technical-legal (aimed at agricultural and food industries and SMEs, distribution, consumer associations),

- lobbying, at a European and national level, only in favor of economic operators, citizens and their categories and only for initiatives that meet the criteria of sustainable development and the common good on which Wiise's work is based,

- Research, including in the context of programs co-financed by the EU. The start of the pan-European project is near 'Camel Milk', in the context of program BEFORE. Another project is being selected, 'ProFuture', dedicated to the use of algae and microalgae in the food and feed chains,

- training in favor of public bodies (supervisory authorities, universities) and private bodies (trade and consumer associations), also at European and international level,

- independent publishing through the two web portals GIFT (whose section dedicated to Italian food and drink is translated by native speakers into English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese) and DO, dedicated to in-depth studies on agri-food law.

They are also published ebook a download free on food and feed. Supply chains, policies and rules (e.g. food safety, GMOs and pesticides, consumer information on food, food culture).

The Benefit Goals of Wiise

Wiise has for object the following purposes of common benefit:

1) promotion of sustainable development in the agri-food chain, with attention to its various dimensions:

a) social. Equity and redistribution of resources, protection of workers and their communities, contribution to shared social values,

b) environmental. Reduction of the overall impact of supply chains on the environment, respect for ecosystems and biodiversity, circular economy,

c) economic. Participation in district economies with a solidarity and inclusive approach. International cooperation inspired by principles of solidarity e knowledge sharing,

2) independent information on the entire food chain, 'from seeds to fork' is 'from feed to fork ', nutrition and health,

3) awareness raising of consumers regarding the rules in force regarding the production and sale of food products,

4) activism. Promotion of initiatives aimed at affirming legality and good practices in the food and feed sectors. For the protection of consumers and the market, as well as human beings, animals and the environment.

Footnotes to the story

(1) Dario Dongo (Genoa, 1971) is a lawyer and journalist, PhD, MBA (Edhec), master in strategy and governance (University of Pisa) Ph.D. in European food law (Agrisystem, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza and Cremona). For over 25 years he has been dealing with policies and rules in the agri-food, environmental, safety at work, antitrust and consumer rights. He has published a dozen books and a thousand articles, as well as holding about 250 conferences, seminars and lectures in Italy, the EU and third countries.