A New Kind of Flour Power

In the first six months of 2013, sales for the Italian flour sector in large-scale distribution channels grew by 2.4% in volume and 7.5% in value. The rebirth of flour (common wheat, Durum, maize and others) is a clear offset to the crisis in Italy. Distribuzione Moderna has dedicated a long and interesting analysis to this strong affirmation summed up on the shopping lists of Italian consumers.

The Italian flour market is worth a total of some 200 million euros, with segments for specific-use flour and blends, valuing more than 70mln, and conquering the largest part of market share. These have experienced an increase of 14% and 7% in values and volumes respectively. This “flour power” is also connected to the necessity of savings due to the Italian crisis and poor economic outlook. In this context gluten-free flour has also seen gains, awarding producers that have had the courage to innovate in a market that is often considered over-traditional.

Evidently, baking cakes, as well as making hand-made pasta and bread, is back in style, accompanied by careful research into the most wholesome products to employ from the ground up in quality cuisine. In this case, flour is again a fundamental resource.