A Look Inside Grappa Production


The 2013 edition of Grapperie Aperte will mark the 10th anniversary of the event in which grappa producers open their doors organised by the Italian National Grappa Institute. It is aimed at sector players and enthusiasts to strengthen awareness of the country’s distilled beverage par excellence. The event, which will be held on Sunday October 6th this year, will involve dozens of grappa producers and distilleries throughout Italy.
The week before, from September 29th, will see the 17th edition of Distillerie Aperte take place in and around the city of Vicenza in the region of Veneto. For the occasion some historic producers from the province will open their doors including Toso Rino e figlio, F.lli Brunello, Li.di.a, Poli and Schiavo. Distillerie Aperte will also see the return of “sedute spiritiche”, tastings in the dark during which participants will be challenged to recognise the different products by their taste alone. It is an original and engaging way to explore, as well as learn to appreciate the sensorial notes that these spirits can offer if they are consumed responsibly.