A Citrus Company

Few juice producers are able to offer what Agrumi-Gel has set as its primary goal, offering the most all natural and sustainable juice possible to consumers, wherever they may be found in the world. Agrumi-Gel was officially founded in 1988, but rests on a long family tradition of citrus processing that can readily be tasted in the products derived exclusively from Blonde, Blood and Bergamot oranges, lemons, tangerines and pink grapefruit, strictly cultivated in Sicily using both conventional and organic farming techniques.
Fresh and natural, the juices maintain the zest and nutritional qualities of the original fruit thanks to the passion and innovation the company exercises during every phase of production. With no-added sugar, and swift conversion the consumer is left with nothing less than 100% juice to enjoy.
Agrumi-Gel also specialises in other citrus-based products, including essential oils and semi-processed products such as pulp and washes for a variety of uses. The company also shows unparalleled focus on environmental sustainability across its entire value chain, a key element of the zero-impact logic that defines its strategy.