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Microfiltered milk, the "fresh" that keeps for a long time

Microfiltered milk has microbiological characteristics that allow it to be stored for long periods. Put simply, it is like fresh milk, but instead of expiring after a few days it can be stored for several weeks. The "miracle" is due to microfiltration through ceramic membranes with such fine meshes that they can physically separate the microbes from the milk.

The fact that it is a physical process and does not involve heating the product has the consequence that microfiltered milk can maintain flavor and nutritional qualities very similar to those of fresh.

The result of microfiltration is a liquid with reduced microbial load. The level of pathogens can be further reduced thanks to HTST pasteurization, which allows the inactivation of any microbial residues. All without affecting the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the product. The process is carried out only on the lean fraction of milk, not interacting with the nutrients contained in the fat part.


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