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Franciacorta, an Oenological Laboratory

The territory of Franciacorta is located in an area of ​​the hills at 100 kilometers from Milan. It is located between Brescia and the sur of the Iseo lake, in the east, the Oglio river in the west and colinda in the north with the Alpes Réticos. If it extends off the 21 municipios in a territory that formerly estaba lleno de woods. In the southern frontera is located el Monte Orfano.

The origen of the nombre Franciacorta

The origen of the nombre Franciacorta is incierto. The geographic delimitación se remonta to 1429 when it was established the fronteras of the territory, that todavía hoy coinciden with those foreseen for the normas of production of wine, cuya elaboración comenzó en está área desde el siglo XVI. A finales de la década de 1950, the territory alcanzó su máximo potencial with the introduction of the cultivo de variedades para la producción de vino espumoso. Later the empresarios vitivinícolas empezaron to comprar terrenos, sharing the territory in an authentic winemaking laboratory. This group of pioneros holds the merito de haber invertido para mejorar the calidad of wine.
The 50 hectares iniciales will be convirtieron quickly in 550 and the ventas of Pinot Franciacorta exceed one millón de botellas. In 1990 if the voluntary Consortium was established and the Franciacorta subsequently obtained the DOCG certification.

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