Poultry, the good Italian meat

Il poultry it is very popular among the different types of meat. The reason? In addition to being low in fat, poultry is inexpensive and versatile. The consumption of meat of chicken It has therefore grown considerably, in recent years, for its convenience and also for its nutritional profile, ideal for slimming diets.

In our peninsula it is the Veneto that ensures the greatest contribution of types of poultry placed on the market, followed by Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Piedmont: these four regions cover 79% of the entire local chicken production.

The constant search for quality gives Italian poultry unanimous recognition as the best and safest in Europe. The success is attributable to several elements including: the use of non-imported, selected and natural feeds; the tight controls of the ASL official veterinarians ante and post mortem, compliance with the rules concerning animal welfare in order to avoid unnecessary suffering to the animals themselves and the extremely low risk of salmonella contamination compared to other countries thanks to the best hygienic conditions guaranteed by the producers Italians. Furthermore, the farmer is required to work in a way that protects the poultry from bacteria, viruses and parasites that could cause diseases and make the meat dangerous.

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