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Italian beef, from Chianina to Sardo Modicana

Italian beef producers create a wide range of products, taking care of the rearing of calves for tender and fresh meats until they are used for processing. Even if due to geographic and climatic factors Italy is not able to produce enough to satisfy the internal demand, companies and breeders throughout the peninsula have continued the traditional pursuit of excellence, in order to achieve quality values ​​of international level.

Italian beef producers work in tandem with European partners to meet the needs of the market, but there are national breeds with a deep bond with the territory and high quality: Piemontese, Chianina, Romagnola, Marchigiana, Podolica, Maremmana, Pezzata Rossa Italiana. , Valdostana, Grigia Alpina and Rendena. Recently there has been the rediscovery of the Sardinian Modicana breed, rustic and wild but highly sought after.

Processed beef can also be a specialty. An example is represented by Bresaola, with its unique flavor and low fat content, or by the many ready-to-serve products, characterized by convenience and quality recognized by Italian and foreign consumers.

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