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Le Italian fish brands they are heirs of a timeless tradition that traces the historical, cultural and geographical fabric. The set of fish brands produces a wide range of fish products tasted on every table in the nation and around the world. These brands offer fresh fish or fish transformed into delicacies, adding prestige to the reputation and competence of the beautiful country in this sector.


With 7600 km of coastline and 7210 sq km of marine sovereignty, only Greece has greater exposure to the vast resources of the Mediterranean. Five of the twenty Italian regions do not have access to the sea, two are islands and the unique shape of the peninsula extends like a pier directly into the heart of clear and limpid waters. This gives brands a clear advantage in freshness, supported by regional technical specifications and ways of cooking.


However, it must be emphasized that the brands producing fish present themselves in an appropriate context. A rare attention is given to sustainability, starting from fishing rod to aquaculture. This confirms the ability to pass on their art to all future generations, as well as that of maintaining a healthy ecosystem in order to enjoy a pearl of Italian cuisine, fish.

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