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0 km Lazio Bonus Call, incentives for restaurateurs on typical local foods

It is operational from Tuesday 20.10.20 on Call for Bonus Lazio km 0. The initiative is organized by the Lazio Region, which has allocated 10 million euros to promote the consumption of local foods with a protected designation (PDO and PGI) and Traditional Agri-food Products (PAT). The restaurateurs are encouraged to buy with direct economic measures.

Call for Bonus Lazio km 0, the turbo to local agri-food

The incentive to local agri-food products consists of a grant. Direct beneficiaries are the catering operators active in Lazio and registered with 4 ATECO codes:

- catering with administration (code 56.10.11),

- catering activities related to agricultural holdings (code 56.10.12),

- catering on trains and ships (code 56.10.50),

- catering for events, banqueting (code 56.21.00).

Bonus 30% of the expense (already paid)

The contribution it is non-repayable. It is worth 30% of the expenditure incurred, provided it is already 'receipted', that is to say paid to the suppliers of the agri-food products.

The amount the contribution varies from a minimum of 500 euros, against a cost of 1.667 euros, up to a maximum of 5.000 euros (for a minimum expenditure of 16.667 euros).

The incentivized products

The products food products supported by the Call for Bonus Lazio km 0 they are all PDO, PGI and PAT made in the regional territory, as well as listed in the announcement, as well as on the site of the regional agency ARSIAL and in that of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies (seelist updated on 5.10.20).

To benefit from the initiative, in addition to producers and restaurateurs, they are consumers. The regional incentive system is also effective in preventing fraudulent citations of agri-food excellence in the menus of unfaithful operators. Not a few, like ascertained by the RAC, the Agri-food Department of the Carabinieri.

The offer of Lazio excellences is wide:

16 PDO:

Chestnut from Vallerano, Cannellino Bean from Atina, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Roman Hazelnut, Oliva di Gaeta, Pecorino di Picinisco, Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Toscano, Peperone di Pontecorvo, Ricotta di Bufala Campana, Ricotta Romana, Italian salami alla cacciatora, and 4 various EVOOs, extra virgin olive oil (from Canino, Pontine Hills, Sabina, Tuscia)

11 PGI:

Roman Abbacchio, Lamb from Central Italy, Romanesco Artichoke from Lazio, Latina Kiwi, Mortadella Bologna, Homemade Bread from Genzano, Potato from Alto Viterbese, Porchetta from Ariccia, Amatriciano Ham, Celery from Sperlonga, White Beef from the Central Apennines,

about 250 PAT:

Foodstuffs, listed in the ARSIAL site, Lazio regional agency for the development and innovation of agriculture.

Simplified procedures

For participation al Call for Bonus Lazio km 0 'simplified and timely procedures will be guaranteed', assures the Department of Agriculture of the Lazio Region, engine of the initiative together with the Department of Economic Development.

An compilation guide of the application is available (from 20.10.20) at the link region.lazio / bonuslaziokm0.

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