100% Sustainable

ASDOMAR translates its commitment to sustainable fishing into concrete actions. It only chooses adult yellow fin tuna certified over a metre in length and weighing at least 20kg, in order to safeguard the reproductive cycle, and mature skipjack tuna, all certified rod-fished, to guarantee sustainable fishing. In addition, ASDOMAR only seeks supply from fleets that fish in seas that are not indicated by FAO as over exploited.

Independent observers are on board every vessel to ensure sustainable fishing, and ASDOMAR is a certified Friend of the Sea, an international framework that approves sustainable fishing and aquaculture products in an effort to protect marine habitats.

In order to offer maximum transparency on labels, ASDOMAR states the species on every pack, as well as the method of fishing, the ocean, FAO fishing area and where the production cycle is carried out, which for ASDOMAR is only Italy. It is also possible to access all documents related to the production chain through the code printed on each package, including the geographic region, name of the ship, and even the European mark for food hygiene.

The ASDOMAR production facility in Olbia, Sardinia, uses energy that is 100% produced from renewable sources.