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Eating quickly is bad for your health. Avoid the Risk

Eating quickly is bad for your health and makes you put on weight, favouring the development of obesity and diabetes. The data emerges from a number of scientific studies on the relationship between the habit of ingesting food in a hurry and a variety of pathologies.

Eating quickly is bad for your health, researchers say

Researchers from the Endocrinology Institute of the Lithuanian University recently highlighted in an article published in Clinical Nutrition that those who eat too quickly risk obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus due to the deactivation of fullness signals. The thesis was confirmed by more research that appeared in the magazine of the American Dietetic Association that examined calorie levels in meals in line with the speed of their consumption.

Eating slowly demonstrated itself useful in knowing when you have eaten enough and keeping your weight under control. The same findings came out of the Japan’s Journal of Epidemiology following a study on 5,000 adults. Eating too quickly showed a negative impact on the evolution of body mass index from as young as 20 years of age, increasing the risk of obesity.

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