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Easter Specialties on the Roll-out

Easter cakes are busy baking in the ovens of Dal Colle, and will then head to the market for Italian products in Australia and Canada. The Christmas atmosphere of sweet producers in the Verona area has already disappeared making way for Easter, and these yearly recurring creations are constantly increasing exports from this territory.

“At a certain point we discovered that these cakes always make it to Italian tables, so why not focus on new destinations,” stated Emanuela Perazzoli, president and CEO of the company, “through a highly structured ad hoc sales channel.” A veritable life raft now that Italian food consumption levels are facing a contraction. Exports jumped from 10% last year to 17%, maintaining volumes, and allowing for increased turnover.

“Another ingredient” beyond exports “is the push for innovation in the Italian food sector,” says Beatrice Dal Colle, “and we never finish reinventing ourselves with new types of flour used in traditional products, as well as snack lines and staple products which make up half of our volume. 2013 will see the launch or products specifically designed for export.”

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