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Finocchiona, Don’t Forget the Wine

Made from different cuts of pork, Finocchiona is one of the most traditional salami varieties produced in Tuscany. The meat is selected from pigs raised in the zone surrounding Chianti and the province of Florence, even if production has spread around the whole of Tuscany.

Lean areas around the shoulders and the harder fat of the cheeks are ground together before being preserved with salt, pepper, wild fennel seeds, wine and garlic. Sometimes portions of prosciutto and beef are added to taste. Chianti wine is a must to balance the flavours, as well as make them more intense.

The mixture is stuffed into cleaned pig intestines, sealed and aged for a period of seven to twelve months in a warm and well-ventilated area. Once served on the tables of the Firenze of the Medici, Finocchiona has had many historic admirers, including Machiavelli.



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