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Designed by Disney

The mascot for Expo 2015 now has a face. It is a face made up of 11 pieces of fruit and vegetables. The symbol that will accompany the Universal Exposition in Milan, Italy in 2015 is signed Disney, and is similar in style to the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

As for the name of the mascot, children have been enlisted to propose their ideas on the Expo 2015 website until January 7. Immediately afterwards, the design will be reproduced in all of the forms necessary for the series of gadgets to be released. Once again, Disney will step in to handle distribution (with estimated earnings of 150 million euros).

The presentation of the mascot has also been the subject of a small controversy. Among the 11 fresh produce elements there are no grapes, the source of Italian wines that, as the world’s top producer, are exported throughout the world. The protest was made by Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, chairman of Federloc, representing the consortiums that safeguard the production and producers of Italian DOC wine.


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