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Food, Water and Medicine Needed

Food, water, medicine and shelter are the primary necessities for the areas devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, where Oxfam representatives are already working to help survivors.

Oxfam Italy is inviting everyone to support the population hit by the disaster through making an immediate donation. The timeliness of rescue efforts is decisive. “This tragedy is hitting above all the poorest that live off of small-scale agriculture and fishing. They have lost everything. Our help is needed today, and for the months to come”, stated Riccardo Sansone of Oxfam Italy.

At least 18 million people live in the most affected parts of Visayas, in which one person out of three is considered poor. 748,572 have been displaced, and thousands of dead have been reported. Four million (that is to say 905,353 families) took a direct impact from the typhoon.

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