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Clear labels. Production information: here comes the petition

Clear labels! The indication of the plant where foods are produced ensures safety, employment and protection of the Made in Italy. This is why it must always be clearly stated on the label. To prevent its disappearance, Great Italian Food Trade, together with ilfattoalimentare.it, is launching a petition on Change.org.

Knowing the production plant of a food is essential for the consumer. It is in fact the only thing that distinguishes true Italian products from imitations produced outside this beautiful country. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Pizza. The most famous specialties in the world are also the most imitated. And using names that recall the excellent Italian food (Italian sounding), these bad copies are likely to mislead consumers in search of the true Made in Italy, and it is Made in Italy only if produced in an Italian factory.

A battle for the Made in Italy to be led all over the world, by signing the petition of Great Italian Food Trade. Let’s make ourselves heard!

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