crisis management

Comprehensive Crisis Management Service

Crisis management is a crucial area in agrifood consulting (legal, strategic, technical) offered by FARE to its customers in Italy and the world. A proper crisis management starts from the ability to predict emergencies and take appropriate, proportionate and consistent measures.

Given that “better safe than sorry”, Food & Agricultural REquirements, a specialist in Consumer Goods for 20 years, provides primarily audit and gap analysis tests as well as management, coordination, planning and procedure verification services to mitigate any threat.

In practice managing any sort of crisis requires continuous attention to rumors that may have positive or negative impact on the organization, for the timely risk detection and the development of right resources.

In a situation of alert it is always useful to rely on a 24h support of a network of experts with multidisciplinary skills (scientific and specialized, PR and media relations). The mismanagement of an emergency, on the other hand, may give rise to the amplification of the damage, with an extended harmful repercussion on corporate reputation.

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