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agrifood strategic advice

Strategic advice, conscious investments in the agrifood sector

Strategic advice, the best way to focus on the client’s project contexts, starting from an agrifood consultancy to the study all the related sectors. Our law firm can help you throughout the complex legal, political and administrative analysis, highlighting the identification of opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses (SWOT) and possible areas of intervention.

The strategic area of FARE Public Affairs has offices in Rome, Genoa, Milan, Brussels and Shanghai. Here you will find a carefully selected and prepared team, ready to answer your questions and plan for the future through strategic guidance to ensure all necessary services, initially via the detection of vectors that may affect the regulatory landscape and on-going monitoring.

Food & Agricultural Requirements identifies ad hoc stakeholders and opinion makers for each dossier, maintaining relations with international institutions, working on agreed target with lobbying activities, communication and marketing plans.

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