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Companies and Workers Together

Agriculture is the second largest sector for global employment, providing jobs to a total of over 1 billion people. Many of these workers’ jobs are constantly at risk, and their basic rights are often not respected. In developing countries, child labour is common leading to children being unable to attend primary school. For companies in the food sector with trade relations throughout the globe it is important to take measures to protect worker rights all along the production chain, with the adoption of key practices that can be shared by suppliers. Fundamental elements are the promotion of health and safety in the workplace, a sufficient minimum salary, respecting the right to ask for better working conditions, as well as the right for legal support in case of controversy. Investing in workers’ rights, as stressed in the Oxfam report Better Jobs, Better Supply Chains allows enterprises to meet the expectations of clients, consumers and investors, in addition to benefit from the positive impact on reputation.

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