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Types of coffee, italian is different

There are some 80 types of coffee that exist globally, but only two varieties – in their different manifestations – hold the vast majority of consensus. Italian coffee, whether it is whole beans or ground, in capsules or pods, represents the heart of appreciation for this beverage in the world, and is characterized by the achievement of unparalleled excellence.

Among different types of coffee, that which is most sought after is Arabica. Originating in Ethiopia, it makes up two-thirds of the international harvest. It is longer in appearance, greenish-blue in color, and very aromatic. Other than its sweeter flavor, it boasts moderate caffeine content at around 1.7%. This percentage increases notably in Robusta, reaching anywhere between 2 and 4.5%, and is also rich in sodium. With a smaller, rounder bean, it grows faster, ensuring higher profits per volume. This variety is decisively stronger and bitter.

There are more types, albeit of inferior quality, with extrememly reduced shares in the global market. They are Liberica, Excelsa and Congensis, types totally absent from the Italian stage.

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