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Types of Italian Coffee

Types of italian coffee beans

At the base of the numerous types of Italian coffee, there are always just two types of blends prepared by expert masters to satisfy the passion that Italians feel for this exceptional drink. Whether you are a fan of drinking it at home, or at the bar, these types of coffee beans are equally enthralling.

Tastes in Italy vary noticeably according to geographic location. In general, people in the northern part of the country appreciate the Arabica blend more, sweeter but with a bitter finish. On the contrary, southerners love the stronger flavor of dark roasted Robusta.

Excluding the type of Italian product, the properties of this stimulating beverage can be considered useful to the body in moderation, and this goes beyond waking us up in the morning. In excess, however, it can play a role in the development of specific pathologies.

Demand in the Italian market for private enthusiasts who share the pleasure of longing for a tazzina di caffè has led to many decaffeinated types of Italian coffee to become available. To obtain them, the beans are treated with 100-120°C steam to extract the substance utilizing solvents, or carbon dioxide.


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