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Italian coffee machines, experience the moka

The choice of the best Italian coffee machines is the essential element in the art of preparing an authentic Italian coffee that awakens the senses. This is true of professional coffee machines, innovative pod and capsule models to make mythical espresso, and even for the traditional and apparently simple Moka, a time-tested companion in Italian homes. Some advice: don’t ever wash this cultural icon with dish soap, because it will be ruined forever!

The water should be free of calcium – ideally with a low fixed mineral content – and poured into the bottom half without covering the security valve. The coffee used in these machines has to be ground specifically for its use, stored in the refrigerator, and be of top quality. It must smoothed and slightly pressed into the metal filter. Once screwed back together (not too tight!) it is put on the burner at just the right flame (a little lower than you would think) with the cover open to avoid boiling and favor the presence of a cremetta, real Italian excellence.

A trick to increase the longevity of these Italian coffee machines (they get better with age) is to clean them with diluted white wine vinegar every 2-3 months, fill it again with grounds and throw out the first batch.

The Italian home is where the Moka is!


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