Carnival frittelle

Carnival frittelle, an authentic recipe

Carnival frittelle, also called ‘fritoe’ in the Serenissima (Venice) Carnival, which has from Republican times boasted their tradition and original recipe. Sweet frittelle are produced in this period all over Italy, but only in the Venetian area do we actually see the constituon of the category association in 1600, the ‘fritoleri’. And there’s more: ‘ea fritoa’ was elected ‘national cake‘ in 1700!

The ancient frittelle (here ‘fritole’) goes back to 1300, according to our first witness, kept at Rome’s Canatense Library. In all Belpaese different types of sweet carnival frittelle are evolved and prepared, varying in dough composition. For example, rice frittelle are typical in Tuscany, while semolina ones represent Emilia and Bologna panorama, while Neapolitans tend to fry potato ciambelle.

On average it can’t be called a high-calorie dish (about 420 kcal per 100 g) and that is why variations have over time developed involving baking. Ingredients of Venetian frittelle are: flour, milk, egg, sugar, beer yeast, raisins, lemon (or orange) peel and salt.

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