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Call for Action Mediterranean Diet

A Call for Action to revitalize the Mediterranean diet

Call for Action to revitalize the Mediterranean diet. This initiative was launched on 22 July 2016 by over 30 international science institutions to give new vigour back to an exemplary model risking abandonment even in places where it originated, Italy and bordering Mediterranean areas.

The operation, with 5 basic promotion and information actions aims to involve the scientific communities, industry and consumers in relaunching the lifestyle known for its high socio-cultural, economic value, in environmental terms too. Features making it a key element for Food System sustainability in the Mediterranean Countries, working via common, shared action, following UN Agenda guidelines for 2013 sustainable development.

To follow up the appeal, IFMeD – International Foundation of the Mediterranean Diet – is promoting a European sensitisation campaign, involving stakeholders and organising events in schools too, with courses dedicated to nutrition and tradtional food awareness.

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