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Ethical chocolate at an accessible price, for those who buy it, as well as sell it. This is the recipe according to Otto Chocolates, the “responsible” Italian chocolate, made with the highest quality organic ingredients. The twist on the classic model for ethical trade is effectively supporting rural families, while moving the products on international markets at an excellent quality/price ratio.

This unique producer, present at the 2013 SANA International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products, is Fairtrade International certified, meaning that these principles are applied to the entire production chain. The cacao is procured from the Acopagro Cooperative in Andean Peru, an organisation devoted to improving living conditions for local communities. Together with fair pay, other agricultural products are also being strengthened, like bananas to teak, so that small farmers can live without dependence on illegal coca plantations.

Their four lines of organic chocolates, ranging from dark to milk chocolate, all available at comparativley reasonable cost. It is a “win-win” solution such as that mentioned in Euromonitor, cutting “ethical” chocolate prices to pave the way for mass market success.


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