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Italian lager beer, brands to discover

For a happy hour nothing beats Italian lager beer, a low fermentation style obtained through the utilization of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis yeast providing the right combination of bitterness and refreshment. Usually blonde, the top bionda for any occasion, Italian lager features numerous brands, even craft ones, to suit any taste.

A beer defined as a “lager” derives its name from the German word for “to store” in reference to the places where the beverage was stored during winters to allow for natural cold filtering to occur. Originally produced in Germany in the 1500s, there are many worthy Italian brews that acquire international acclaim due to their unique characteristics. One such example is Theresianer, recognized with a silver medal two consecutive times (2009 and 2010) at Chicago’s prestigious World Beer Championships.

Premium Castello, the apex of another historic producer based in Pedavena, is straw yellow in color and perfect for starters and first courses, characterized by delicate bitter notes and a balanced full flavor. Other Italian lagers include Forst and Ichnusa, large-scale productions that strike the same level of quality.

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