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Italian export beer, the unstoppable rise

Italian export beer, a story of deserved success, beginning in craft production and now a major export. Although the excellence of brands like the pioneering 32 Via dei Birrai or the rough sophistication of Menabrea have already won recognition many times in the United States and in global Grand Prizes, it is the Chinese that profess a real passion for original Italian beer.

The data shows that in just the last three years there has been an increase of 426.81% in export volume to China, in line with an increasing demand for high quality products. The reason for the boom in export to this great country of Italian beers (and not only Italian craft beer) is down to certain unique qualities, incuding the distinctive recipes (such as those made by fermenting chestnuts) and the purity of the waters, especially from sources in Piemonte, Trentino and the Veneto (where the values for hardness and residues are optimal).

Select brands like Pedavena, Birra Castello and Theresianer are now part of Italian foodies’ habits and they are worthy of being introduced by import to the rest of the world, as an ideal companion to the authentic cuisine of Italy.

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