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Italian dark beer, brands that stand out

There are many varieties of Italian dark beer on the market. “Dark” is a very wide definition that clearly takes into account appearance, but it does not specifically define the product. Italian beer brands can be considered dark for beer that ranges between amber and black on the color scale.

In reality, inside the term Italian dark beer there is an entire world of recipes and flavors to discover, from Dunkel Weiss, to Porter, to Stout, going all the way to triple malt and concluding with barley wine. Generally, these are not beers to quench your thirst like low-fermentation lager, and for this reason are called “meditational”, particularly sought after for tastings and gatherings of close friends.

Some are perfect with pizza, others, such as Shwarz Bier, are more suited to eating with cured meats and fine cheeses.

Craft Italian dark brews have also achieved optimal results in this niche with the faultless bouquet of Spuma Nera by the brewer Baladin, full of chinotto orange and rhubarb notes, or the double malts produced by Mastri Birrai Umbri and Olmaia.

Taste these excellent Italian productions for refined palates, even gluten-free is available!

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