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Italian craft beer. A quality production involving only first choice ingredients. In Italy rules reserve this name for Italian beer produced by small independent brewers, without using pasteurising and microfiltering processing.
The independent brewer must respond to these essential requirements:

 – being legally and economically independent of any other brewery;

 – using plants physically distinct from any other brewer’s;

– not operating under others’ immaterial property right use license;

– producing annually up to 200,000 hectolitres (hl), this quantity including beer produced for third parties.

The Made in Italy craft beer sector is living a very happy moment on international markets too. It’s made up of over 700 breweries, records annual growth of over 20%, with an overall volume surpassing 450,000 hl in 2014 and covering around 3% of Italian production. Strong from Italian brewers’ creative slant, it helped consumers better know the virtues of a drink often deemed pizza companion.

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