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Italian beer brands, mastering the craft

If you are looking for Italian beer brands with those flavors and characteristics attributed to craft production, or a lover of antique and traditional breweries, with established and admired recipes, we welcome you to GIFT, the Italian food excellence portal.

Italy is known all over the world for its wine, but in recently, thanks to the passion and know-how of the Italian master brewers, international attention has widened to include the panorama of its beer brands. Better than many beers from top producing countries such as the United States (so much so that they sold out at recent festivals) these brews are represented by a number of producers that cultivate and export the value of their brands.

Examples encompass handcrafted Baladin, started by innovator Teo Musso, to the prestige and tradition of more large-scale output like Birra Castello, which re-launched its historic brewery in Pedavena in 2006, both symbols of 100% Italian beer. Other famous recognized brands are Theresianer, with its commendable inimitable character, or Sardinia’s Ichnusa. Forst and Menabrea too have a consolidated presence, able to win fans and awards abroad.

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