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Attention to International Standards

It is easy to say Halal certification, but for the food sector companies that want to compete in a market of 4 million potential domestic consumers in Italy, in addition to the more relevant numbers abroad, standards and guidelines acknowledged at the international level are of utmost importance. Production of Italian food products with this religious certification is increasing. The most recent addition is Tuscan Pecorino DOP, but there have also been other cheeses produced with vegetable-based rennet in order to intercept the food needs of the country’s Muslim residents. The Italian section of the International Halal Authority, an organisation that is able to supply certifications that are valid in multiple countries, speaks of a market potentially worth as much as 4billion euros for the 130 Italian companies already certified including Bresaole Bordoni, Oca Sforzesca, as well as large DOP producers Latteria Soresina, which produces the colossal Grana Padano. However, different Islamic communities do not unilaterally agree on what constitutes Halal (which means “allowed” in Arabic), therefore it is fundamental to turn to the right certification provider. (Photo from the article featured by GIFT’s media partner Il Fatto Alimentare)

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