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An equitable and sustainable supply chain, pressure from below

Pressure from below imposes a change of paradigm in the agri-food chain. Although a hydraulic pressure, it is still undervalued in reports and conferences on market trends. Whereas the roots of change are clearly visible.

People, Planet, Prosperity. Pressure from below.

The production industry probably closest to the human being – since ‘eating is an agricultural act’ (Carlin Petrini), and takes place daily, and ‘man is what he eats’ (Ludwig Feuerbach) – it is increasingly felt by the human side’ of Consumers. No longer just numbers anchored to the logic of ‘Produci-Consuma-Crepa’ (Produce-Consume-Die), they consciously identify the reality surrounding them. And of the now indifferent necessity of making a change. Indeed, a revolutionary change.

It is precisely the Millennials, destined to overcome the Baby-Boomers, who are no longer willing to tolerate thsocial impact, on the environment and the health of unsustainable supply chains.

This revolution is not a silent one, perhaps just a little underestimated. The desire for equity, respect for workers and their communities, for the protection of the environment and for animal welfare are indeed expressed with unprecedented determination.

Online petitions and popular political initiatives are symptoms of a reality that has for some years begun to manifest itself with growing energy, in our daily consumption choices. ‘Good and authentic’ products are favoured, whilst those deriving from the exploitation of the global supply chain are rejected.

#Who’s the Owner? CSV and the lack of intermediation

The consumer is the real owner of the supply chain, and is progressively learning to express himself with the power of his daily choices of goods and services. The new paradigm is CSV, ‘Contributing to Social Values’. Contributing to shared social values is everyone’s responsibility with nobody being excluded. Whereas greenwashing, on the other side, falls like skittles in the information society 4.0.

The lack of intermediation is the natural consequence of this path. The digital revolution has accelerated the mainstream media crisis, tearing down the castle of fake news imposed by the regime together with the large advertisers and their lobbyists too. Meanwhile, these projects of integrated and participated supply chains flourish.

The Consumer’s Brand, #ChièilPadrone (Who is the Owner), is now debuting in Italy following its extraordinary success in the French retail. The #FilieraAmoreTerra (The Land Lovers Supply Chain) and the #ChainForFood, in Italy, have connected 1.5k agricultural enterprises and processing workshops, while the newest #IdentikEat project is taking shape.

It remains to be asked how long Consumers will be willing to pinch their noses with regard the exploitation and abuse that pervadethe ecommerce sector. (4) And when they do decide instead to renounce the convenience of having ‘everything at once’, following consumption choices induced by Cupertino’s promotions and artificial intelligence, by letting themselves free to contribute to these shared social values. For the benefit of all, instead of just a handful of billionaires behind the backs of the rest of the planet.


Dario Dongo

Dario Dongo
Dario Dongo
Dario Dongo, avvocato e giornalista, PhD in diritto alimentare internazionale, fondatore di WIISE (FARE - GIFT – Food Times) ed Égalité.

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