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A Wine with Character

Franciacorta DOCG wine is made from the Chardonay and/or Pinot nero grape varieties; the use of Pinot bianco is limited to a maximum level of 50%. Production is characterised by a second bottle fermentation which lasts for no less than 18 months to perfect the wine on lees. The wine cannot be sent to market before 25 months have passed since harvest. Bottle-pressure must rest between 5 and 6 atmospheres.
The following tasting traits are presented by Franciacorta DOCG: straw yellow in colour with green, or golden hues, persistent perlage, bouquet with elements particular to the bottle fermentation process; from bread crust and enriched yeast to delicate citrus and dried fruit notes, like almonds, hazelnut and white figs, full-flavoured, fresh, refined and harmonious.


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