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A Sweet Century

Dolfin is based in the province of Catania, Sicily, and for nearly a century it has dedicated itself to producing… sweets. It began operations back in 1914 with the production of handmade candies, after which it delved into making traditional Sicilian products. Dolfin transformed into a real industry in 1948 with the introduction of automated production.

In 1964, a new factory for chocolate was built, mainly for the giant Easter eggs common in Italy, for which it is one of the market leaders. Also famous for the innovative product innovation found in Polaretti, Dolfin is a company that has seen constant growth and stayed ahead of the times, making it one of Italy’s forefront producers of sweets.

It is particularly sensitive to the needs of people with Ceoliac disease, and has collaborated with the AIC, the Italian association dedicated to their well-being, for many years. Dolfin sweets are even listed in the food reference guide that it distributes to members. Since the summer of 2013, this information has also begun to circulate on its smartphone app, justly called the “Glutendetector”.

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