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A Culinary Competition

Juicy, sweet and full of aroma, Italian Abate Fetel IGP pears from Emilia-Romagna are so good that they are also readily used for a variety of recipes in the kitchen. To celebrate this fact, a competition has been launched on Facebook.

Abate Fetel pears, which are light green and yellow with wrinkles near the stem, are one on Emilia-Romagna’s traditional orchard products and come from one of the most important areas of Europe for harvesting this type of fruit.

The competition will take place on line at www.facebook.com/pera.abate and has already collected hundreds of entries. Interested parties will have until December 24, 2013 to submit their creations. Prizes include a raffle for a tablet and a professional electric kneader, along with praise from a dedicated jury of experts.

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