Food Labelling for the Informed Consumer

Food labelling and consumer information on nutrition and product characteristics are elements that require an enormous amount of attention. In this dedicated area, businesses that operate in the industry have access to an updated archive of new legal conditions, as well as the authorities that regulat food labelling contents at the European and international level. GIFT – Great Italian Food Trade guarantees no margin of error in making sure what must be included.

FARE (Food and Agriculture Requirements), part of the Wiise Srl network, is a specialist in the creation and revision of food labelling and consumer information. The service includes both the design and definition phases, in line with legislation in Italy, Europe and the foreign markets where goods will be sold. This also covers planning and producing a wide variety of advertising communication, with effective techniques that respect local benchmarks.

Providing consumers with information that is direct and exhaustive ensures no obstacles limit market penetration. Our team’s experience offers the best solution under any circumstances.


Cheese scam: fraud in slices

The very sound of cheese seems to be as an ebbing sunset, onto the road of decline, especially after the drastic sentence pronounced by the Court of Justice. A new fraud surfaces onto the shelves of supermarkets, the Cheese scam. Cheese expresses a value that consumers always recognise...

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